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Nowadays language schools exists like stars on the sky. Therefore, we want to help finding your perfect language school abroad, providing their web link and even physical contact information.

We won´t tell you either the school is good or bad, big or small and besides of publishing the GooglePageRank (TM) of the school's webpage, we won´t provide you with any comparison or ranking tool. Guess, who would rank/comment links mostly positively/negatively... - Right, the concerned school itself or their competitor...

We simply (and simply in the good sense...) want to be your LANGUAGE-SCHOOL-RESEARCH-STARTING-POINT - not less, but also not more.

If you don´t want to do all the research for your immersion project by your own, you may consider to contact a language school agency. However, we encurrage you to do your investigation by your own, using the powerful electronical tools.

We won´t be held responsible for the language schools website content. Please contact us, if you find any negative issues.

Start right here and check out our listed schools paying them your first virutal visit!

In case you are representing a language institute, we invite you to consider a listing on our Site, as this will bring you visitors to your language school´s website.

Besides, our detail page is a pretty "business card" for each language school, providing the accurate contact information.

The design of is some how modest, but very functional.

The rates we consider highly copetitive, please let us know, not being agree with us!