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Link Listing:

Link Listings are exclusively for Language Schools teaching the language of their geographical location. We believe that a language is learnt best where it is spoken and LIVED as language learning is not only about vocabulary or grammar, but also and most importantly about CULTURE.

Some benefits of your listing:

  • Get hits from potential clients, who are looking for a language school online and you may win DIRECTLY;
  • Be found also on the map, as we publish your postal address via GoogleMaps (TM);
  • Get also visits from search engines who are visiting our site, as our links are SEO-friendly-deep-links;
  • Enforce your GooglePageRank with your link;
  • Our index is fully human edited, highly focused and well organized. We list only Language Schools;
  • is a very cost effective advertising channel - compare!;
  • We will not rest, publishing our Site to the web! OBSERVE and help us to help you with your listing!

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Banner Ads:

Banner Ads are available for anyone, with an important message for our visitors related to tourism or language learning.

We segmented our web page to different zones which allows us to focus your ads on a specific target group. Banner may be shown all over the site or only on different parts (language section, div. countries/regions, etc.). A lot of options are available, therefore it easier to inform on what is NOT possible... We won´t show any advertisers banners in zones out of our VISITOR´s interest. For example, we won´t show banners of an English Language School on the Spanish Language School Section.

We bill banner campaigns (for the moment) only on a prepaid-time-base and not for “views” or “clicks”.
We also didn´t establish any price list for our available banner space. Prices depend on chosen publishing zones and time of banner campaign. The banners ( 468px X 60px) must be delivered - we don´t offer any banner design. A banner campaign must be at least at 3 month of length.

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